Access is not allowed under the influence of alcohol or drugs and no access to these substances inside the Escape House


Smoking is prohibited inside the Escape House


The participants understand and accept that during the gameplay, for its correct implementation, they will be monitorized with surveillance camera located inside the room.


The participants understand and accept the fact that during the game, the room door will be locked. The door will open only by solving the room puzzle or after 60 minutes of playing. In situations caused by health or safety problems, the staff will imediately open the door.


The games are based on the use of intelligence, logic and intuition. Under no circumstances is necessary to use force. The cost of any damage to the room or objects within it will be suported by the participating team.


Items marked "Nu atingeti" or "DO NOT TOUCH" does not contain any clues. Don't peel the bookmarks.


The participants understand and accept the game privacy. Access with cell phones or foto / video cameras is not allowed. Video recording or taking photos of the game rooms, objects in the room is strictly prohibited. In case f violation of these rules, the game will be stopped by the organizers immediately without any refunds.

Violation of these rules will lead to legal procedings against the person/persons who disclose confidential information.